And They Were Finally On Their Way...

4:14 PM

The Day Had Come!
Saturday 1st September 2012 - the day my Dad, Mum and youngest sister flew out of Tassie to head MY way!!
Although I wouldn't see them until Sunday, it was still exciting to know that they would arrive into the same state as me!
To make it more real, Dad so kindly sent me through progress snaps along the course of their trip over :-)
Here they were about to leave the Isle. I was sooo excited to see this photo when it popped onto my iPhone screen. It was really happening!!!
They arrived in Melbourne, retrieved luggage and re-checked into different airline, then - in true Mum & Dad style - they HAD to find a coffee! This spot here was special too because on our last family meet-up holiday in Melbourne back in 2010, we all sat in this spot for a cuppa before catching our respective flights! Awwww....
Quite a few hours later, I received a message saying they had landed in Perth, retreived their luggage and Dad was collecting the hire car. THEY WERE IN THE SAME STATE AS ME!
Dad and Mum had been to WA before but Sarah hadn't  - so it was extra exciting :-D
It was then only ONE more excited sleep and most of the next day until we would see them.
And yes I did manage to get some sleep and kept myself busy doing the last bits of tidy up to the house and such the next day.
Mid afternoon and we were all having a Sunday Relax out the back...

 When we heard a horn honking all the way down our driveway to the front of our house!
We all ran to greet our 'visitors'!!

It was quite an emotional reunion on our front porch!
We hadn't seen Mum since little Sparkle was born 14 odd months ago and it had been 19months since Sprout and I had seen Dad and Sarah - longer for Mr Awesome!
And what made this visit more special and emotional, was that Dad and Sarah got to meet their grandaughter/niece for the FIRST time IN PERSON! Skype is great but the REAL DEAL is greater!
BUT...another aspect of the day that made it even MORE special was that it was Father's Day and I got to spend it with my Dad - ACTUALLY in each others company :-)
My cup runneth over!
So...remember the roast in the slow cooker?
That was part of our family Fathers Day dinner together.

We ate. We laughed. We exchanged gifts.
Apart from my middle sister not being here...
All was good in the world :-)
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. How very exciting for you...quite the trek to little old WA and then to you place....


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