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This was a little bit more time consuming but a whole lot quicker with the help of my lovely sister. I probably would have taken triple the time to do it if I was on my own with the kids underfoot. My sister kept me focused and my Mum and Dad took the kids outside and entertained them out there while we were inside getting the job done.
And woah...
I am so happy with the outcome!
The Before Shot...
Photo pretty much screams "I need to be sorted!"
And we did!
The Progress Shots...
 We pulled everything out and piled it onto the benches! We wiped out the pantry, washed up containers, found homes for all contents of packets into a container, labelled containers appropriately,
We found a box that we put opened packets or things close to use by date that needed to be used up! That way we could plan a few meals or do some baking based around these ingredients. That way there was NO WASTE! (Well there were a few things that had to be discarded).
Arranged it all back into the pantry!
The After Shots...
 The way my sister decided to arrange the pantry was pure genius and quite simple really - I probably would have thought of it eventually but in amongst all the sorting and mess, my brain was just scrambled. I just love it though and am thankful she was there to just do it - I always hesitate which always puts me behind schedule and drags things on!
 I worked out what I wanted on each shelf and she arranged the containers at the front of the shelf and all the packets for re-stocking the containers behind the respective containers. Awesome! She is my organising guru :-)
The top shelf of the cupboard beside the pantry is also used for food storage and was also sorted and rearranged! Everything has its designated place now and is easy to find - no more delving my hand into the general vicinity of where I was pretty sure I put something to find what I was looking for, it is all now on hand straight away!
Total Bliss :-)
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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