September Sort It - The Tupperware Shelf...

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This actually wasn't really a BIG job but it has had a BIG effect on kitchen organisation and functionality!
I really dislike sifting through cupboards to find the lid to this container and the bottom for that lid etc etc - especially in deep cupboards like ours where, in order to reach the back of the shelf you hit your shoulder on the front of the shelf!!
So you can imagine my relief to have this particular shelf in the cupboard SORTED :-)
The Before Shot...
You will probably remember this photo from my initial post on September Sort It including my list. And you can see how disfunctional and untidy this cupboard had gotten!
The Progress Shots...
 All this job took was a few minutes to sit down, pull everything out and sort the containers into groups. I had purchased a plastic box to house the lids to make it easier and quicker to find the matching pair of container to lid. I wish I had done this sooner!
The After Shots...
See! Lids and other little containers are now all stored in the plastic box. Everything else is stacked up neatly beside it. You do still need to pull some of the containers out to get to the things at the back but it is a whole lot easier in stacks rather than individual items that you need to re-stack as you put in!
And we have since removed the lid of the box as it is just annoying. I just have this silly notion that you need to keep a lid with its box - but in this case, I had to just deal with my anal ideas and ditch the darn lid!! LOL!
Another thing SORTED.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Great job...impressive collection of Tupperware too. xxx

    1. Thanks Bron! Wait until you see my pantry then - LOL!! I got all my Tupperware when I was first married as a house-warming Pantry party. Very handy!!

  2. Well done! I always find plastics are the most difficult to tame.


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