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I don't do it enough, but it is actually really fun crafting with kids and doing some mini making!
I thought I would call these particular blog post segments 'Mini Making' as it is all about making things with the 'mini' people in my life!

Sprout has been wanting to make an egg carton car for ages. I had finished a carton of eggs and she very quickly snapped it up and said she wanted to make a car out of it - just like she has seen on Play School!! Or maybe it was on Mr Maker! TV programs - you gotta love 'em :-)

She wanted bottle lids for wheels, which I did not have so I said we would put the egg carton aside until we got all the supplies together. It took a few weeks but we finally had a nice little collection of lids off milk and juice bottles.
So one Sunday afternoon, Sprout and I sat down and created the long-awaited egg carton car.

We had previously cut part of the lid off to expose the seating area. We left the other half on as a 'boot' area. Sprout was quite impressed with this idea :-)
Over the course of the few weeks, she had taken to the carton with her colour markers and done a little decorating of the car. Purple splodgy seat covers - all the rage now!! LOL!
Sticking on the lids as wheels was the next step and a real hit. She loves using sticky tape, scissors, and 'blue' (glue) these days. So anything involving these is a GOER!

I had kept the part of the lid we had chopped off to use as a trailer. Again, Sprout thought this was a splendid idea! Wheels were attached to this and then came the task of how to attach it to the car. Quick Mummy thinking...PIPECLEANERS!!
I cut up the pipecleaner and made two holes each in the car and the trailer. In the trailer I threaded through the pipecleaner and twisted it into a hook. On the car end, I threaded through the pipecleaner and made it jut out so the trailer could hook on!


A Car & its Trailer!

Now, it wasn't quite complete...
We needed stuff to put in the trailer!
I had some empty toilet rolls that I used to make little buckets to put in the ute for whatever was needed to be carried - bits of ripped up paper was the go according to Sprout!
This is how I made them...

Firstly, I cut off a bit of the roll and cut slits in the bottom of the roll at even lengths, as shown in above picture.

I folded these bits over each other and Sprout so kindly helped me stick them down securely with sticky tape ;-)
Then all that was needed, was a handle for the bucket.

I cut another pipecleaner in half and made holes in the sides of the toilet roll which I threaded the pipecleaner through and twisted securely. I made another bucket to go with it AND...

We then had a car, trailer AND two buckets to transport around and fill with lovely bits of ripped up paper, uhh, I mean...groceries ;-)
Gotta love kids' imaginations. My Sprout has got a HUGE one!!
It currently has no people to drive or travel in the car but that will be another afternoon mini making session.

Hope you enjoyed our little crafty adventure. We sure had fun. A lovely mother/daughter time was had. My heart was full :-)

Do you craft with your kids? What is their favourite crafty activity?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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