I Had A Little Chat...

11:05 PM

With my husband.
It took place one night whilst laying in bed before sleep overtook us.
Ya know, just pillow talk.
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We got chatting about my blog. I asked him what he thought of it and how he would like to be portrayed, as in - was he happy with his 'label' of HUBBY??
The answer to the latter was...NO.
Which led to the discussion of what he would like to be called.
It actually didn't take long for him to state his preference.
And...I wasn't surprised at all!
We already use the name around the place, in a joking manner but it really does have some truth to it cos it does suit him.
So it would only be fitting that I refer to him as the same on here, my blog.
And so, without any further ado, I will do the honours of introducing...

(yes, I can hear some of our friends reading this having a good chuckle - BEN, I know you are!!)

And yes, he can cook!

And yes, he can clean.
(This was when I was feeling a tad under the weather. It's called 'sharing-the-load' and it makes me happy when he thinks of these kinda things and just does them. See? Awesome!)

And yes, he is our chief lawn-mower.
Something I really appreciate.

And he just does all these other things around the house to make things easier and abit more liveable. He really is awesome.

But one of the bestest things about him that makes my heart sing...

 He is a loving and devoted father.
I just love watching him with our girls and seeing how he welcomes them in his arms when they run up to him. I fell in love with and married a great man. And he loves me back!!

And yes, I may be totally biased. But that is not gonna stop me from granting his wish of being referred to around these parts from now on as, Mr Awesome :-)

I would like to finish with something I found on Pinterest.
It's a little quote that I think sums this all up and describes my man quite well.

And so hubb- er...I mean, Mr Awesome.
This is for you.
I know this is what you must think and do every day :-)

Pinned Image
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And I know I am his wife, but I tend to agree :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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