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10:02 PM

As promised, I am back with some more pinspiration!
Today's pins are kid focused as I have come across a couple of cool ideas I would love to incorporate in my girls' room and just some things that I like!
So here we go...

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I have had a 'look' for book storage in my head and have been on the look-out for the perfect way to do this cheaply. Due to space constraints, I wanted a rack style storage for books that attaches to the wall and is quite slimline. This idea of spice racks (from Ikea none-the-less. Easy peasy.), attached to the wall is a perfect idea and exactly what I want to do in my girls' reading corner in their room! Now to convince the husband!!! hehe

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I love this idea. Whether or not it will come about in my girls' room is still in question but I think it looks quite dandy. Not only could it be another storage method for books, but a home for stuffed toys ( to get them off the beds!!) or other larger trinkets, treasures or toys that won't slip through and fall out the gaps.
(If not for girls' room, could be a nice touch for the studio? Hmmm...)

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This is a really cute and colourful way of displaying kids art or pictures/photos that they love!

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I don't know if I have shared this before or not, but I still think it is a snazzy little desk. Awesome repurposing here! I think this is a great idea for a kids room. Not that we have the room for this - but it doesn't stop me liking it and dreaming!

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And lastly...
Just about ALL kids love cubbies. And I think this one is just delightful and very girly. Perfect for my two. Now to work out where I can incorporate this in their room or somewhere in our house. Hehe ;-)

Well, I hope this has been as much fun for you as it has been for me. I just love getting inspiration from other people and their ideas. Pinterest is good that way. Inspiring and a TOTAL time-waster. LOL! But I still look ;-)

Till next time,
Take care.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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