Janelle's Birthday Giveaways - Day 3...

10:03 PM

I am really EXTRA excited about the giveaways that popped up on Janelle's blog today!
Big birthday mega giveaways image
So read on and find out why!!

Giveaway #8 is brought to you by Etzcetera Magazine. I absolutely love this publication and when it was first released, I bought the 12month subscription!! They have since launched the EtzClub that you can sign up for and as a member you get access to a whole heap of things such as workshops, forums, galleries, and the 12month subscription to Etzcetera magazine is also included in this too.
I signed up as soon as I received the launch email! LOL!
Yep. I'm keen :-)
So head on over to Janelle's blog and enter to win a full years membership to EtzClub.
And for more information on the EtzClub, go here.

Giveaway #9 is brought to you by Janelle herself.
ALERTING ALL QUILTERS AND STITCHERS!! You will want to get your hands on this if you can! Janelle designs the most gorgeous quilts and other projects! And her stitching is flawless - if I can learn to stitch half as good as her, I'll be happy! In this giveaway, she has ONE pattern of one of her beautiful quilts.
So click on the link above to take a peak and enter to win!

Giveaway #10 really made my eyes bulge and heart rate quicken! Got that image? Good, cos I was (and still am) excited about it! Janelle had actually gone shopping for us and HANDPICKED something she wanted to pass onto a lovely reader of her blog!!
She visited a market that, upon Janelle's description, just made me wanna be there to link arms with her and skip through all the market goodness! I love markets! Would love to go to more.
She chose this perfectly wonderful brooch that I think is just darling.
So head on over and check it our yourself!

Giveaway #11 is just as exciting as the last as it is something HANDMADE by Janelle. It's a lovely journal cover (with a journal inside) and she has also added a cute little tree brooch with it that she stitched up herself. Totally cute!

So another GREAT day of GREAT giveaways.
We are a little over a quarter of the way through these giveaways. Her birthday will be upon us soon and the big birthday blog party will take place announcing all the winners!

Take care xx
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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