A Dose Of The Sickies...

5:58 PM

The last two months has seen my family, well the girls and myself, with sickness.
Runny noses, yucky coughs, grumpy dispositions...
That's been us.
And just when I thought we were on the up and up - it hit again. REALLY HARD.

It became apparent to me last Friday (the 22nd of June), that Sprout was experiencing a 'leaky tap' again. Pile of tissues beside the tissue box - err, dead giveaway ;-)
By lunchtime that day, I had faded quite significantly and was slumped on the couch with a book watching the kids and only doing what was necessary.

I have named it THE CONFOUNDED FLU!!!
It really takes it outta ya! Saps you of your energy and makes you feel miserable. It's a real good one, I can tell you!!!
The next day (Saturday), we went to town until after lunch. When we got home, I must have looked as terrible as I felt cos Hubby sent me straight to bed to rest and hopefully sleep.
I was out of action for 3-4 days. Hubby would re-stoke and wood up the fire before leaving for work in the mornings. I got through almost 2 novels whilst vegged out on the couch (I was pretty hooked on them though)!

The only things on my mind were of keeping warm, getting better and my kids - making sure they were fed and looked after!
I had plenty of cups of tea (and I snuck in a few treats), a hanky was never too far away, nor was the panadol and I just had to ride it out. This was not a flu I could just will away and push through. I just had to let it take its course!
I am now on the mend. Not 100% but ALOT better than before.
Just as we were all improving, Hubby was assaulted with it and has been off work since Wednesday arvo. He should be back to work tomorrow - not 100% but able to work we think.

So, since sickness has been quite prominent in my life this year and I seem to catch things way to easily, I have thought that some changes need to be made. I need to boost my immune system.
So I am starting by taking these little babies...
One a day. In the morning with my breakfast.
I am also thinking that some fish oil tablets would be good to take as well. And I would like to start slurping down some olive leaf extract again, especially in the sickie seasons such as now.
I am sick of being sick.
And tired of being sooo darn tired.
Something has got to change.

So now you know why I have been absent this last week or two.

Have you and your family been attacked by 'the confounded flu' or any other sickness?
Do you take any multi-vitamins or other helpful remedies to combat or prevent the sickies?
Would love to know what works for you!

Stay well my friends.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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