Tickling My Fancy Right Now...

6:02 PM

A few things...
Fresh blooms.
Giving a little inkling that Spring is nearly here!
Happy Mail :-)
Especially handmade goodies like this mug cozy from the lovely Sheree of Poppy Tree Lane which makes my coffee break just that little bit more pretty!
The Genie App.
I loaded this little bit of groovy technology onto my iphone while browsing through the latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Whenever you see the little logo shown in  the photo above, you can open up the Genie app and hover your phone over the picture that the arrow is pointing to and HeyPresto! - it takes you to the video of how to make or do that particular thing. Very nifty :-)

I am rather addicted to this game app on my phone at the moment!
Want to join in the fun?
Come and play!
I'm annamayde :-)
Just a few different things that are making me happy at the moment!
What's tickling your fancy right now?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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