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This last week has been rather eventful.
And the most major event would have to be last Thursday...
Mr Awesome turned 32!!
I always try to make birthday days just that little more special. If I didn't, it would just end up being a 'normal' day as he still had to go to work and do all the 'normal' things that everyday living entails. So it is only right that we make a little fuss when it is a special day!
To start off the day...
I made him a special cooked breakfast.
And, yes, sadly this is out-of-the-norm. I am not usually up in time to get him breakfast when he goes off to work SO to get breakfast from me - and a nice hot cooked one at that - was a real hit for him!
The rest of the celebrations happened at tea time and after. The girls and I had gone into town in the afternoon and we brought our Mr Awesome back a pizza for tea. And I had made a chocolate cake earlier in the day, so I got that out and whipped up a special dessert!
A Black Forest cake dessert! With warm chocolate sauce and icecream.
He was happy!
And so was Sprout!
It was PRESENT time!
I gave him a card and a $50 voucher to the local camp shop he frequents in town.
Then it was the girls turn...
 Yes. A Nerf Gun!
He loved it!
BOYS and their TOYS!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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