The Works of Mr Awesome...

5:00 PM

Over the last few weekends, Mr Awesome has been working hard outdoors making our backyard look just that little bit more presentable!
So I thought I would blog a couple of piccies to showcase his awesome efforts!
Firstly, we have some tree trimming and garden bed laying.

As you can see, he fairly hacked the tree with the chain saw. LOL. He's good at that!
But there is still some of the tree left to provide some shade.
The timber sleepers were perfect as the edging for our garden bed. This piccie is a 'work-in-progress' shot. I haven't had a chance to do the finished product shot yet and probably won't until we establish the garden in it! This is still on the 'TO-DO' list.

And secondly...
Mr Awesome had mentioned to me that he was getting gravel to make a path but it hadn't really sunk in to my brain exactly where - I just trusted him and let him go!
When he had finished, I was impressed. It looks so much neater then the dirt and tufty grass look that was there! Bonus points to Mr Awesome ;-)
Things are starting to come together. He has been persisting with our lawn - reseeding areas and watering it to get it lush green. And he is doing a really good job. Keeps it mown nicely.
Smiles all round!

And that is the recent works of my awesome man.
There will be more at some stage, I am sure.
If only I had some more progress reports on my homemaking and studio organisation!
I'll get there :-)

Take care.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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