Let's Go On A Treasure Hunt...

4:22 PM

Sprout asked me one day, "Can you make me a treasure map?"
And on this particular day a couple of weeks ago, I said "Yeah, sure why not!?! You go and watch telly while I make it and prepare everything!"
Little Sparkle was in bed so things were pretty free-hold to undergo such an activity so -
Yes Siree! I was gonna have a bit of fun doing this!
I grabbed some paper and Sprout's markers and started drawing, ripping, hiding, sticking etc.
At last everything was done and I summoned Sprout to her table setting where she found THIS...

She unraveled it.

To find...
I had drawn pictures of each search site and numerically coded each of these sites. At each place, she had to find the number and attach it to the treasure map.
So let's begin at the starting place...The Front Door!
And off we went on our little adventure!
 First Stop = The Bathroom Gate.
Where Number 1 was found and stuck onto the map.
Second Stop = The Rubbish Bin.
Where Number 2 was found and stuck onto the map as well.
She was well on her way!! And loving it!
 Third Stop = The Oven (which was OFF I will just add!!)
Number 3 was found and added to the map.
 Fourth Stop = A Bar Stool
She took abit longer to find the Number 4 as there is actually 4 barstools and she didn't know which one it was on!! But, alas, it was found and eagerly attached to her map.
And this now meant that she could be led to....
The X that marks the spot!!!
And what was in the pink bowl...
Caramello Koalas to be exact!
One for her and one for Mummy!

And that was the end of our treasure map adventure!
Much giggly, excited fun was had.
And she was so happy and proud of herself for finding the treasure and being able to eat it at the end!!

Can't ya tell!?!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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