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7:00 AM

Last day of October - spooky stuff ;-)
Let's creep our way into this week's list of...

1. I clicked on a link on Facebook that one of my high school friends had posted - the girl featured here I went to Sunday School with and had a few playdates at her house when we were only little kids!

2. Must be more active in the kitchen - I hate cooking but I do already do some of these at home as opposed to buying already made from the shops.

3. Battles only a three-year-old would understand. I have a three year old and i'm pretty sure she could relate to quite a few of these struggles listed ;-)

4. I think these bracelets are sweet!

5. Ok, so this would probably be one of the least favourite topics people like to hear or talk about BUT I'm gonna go there...bullying! And in particular cyber-bullying!
I came across THIS vid which then led to THIS vid and I just thought they were worth sharing. Four things that stood out to me in these clips were these...
> 'Hurt people, hurt people.'
> Don't bully the bully.
> 'Standing by and watching someone at the frontline of cruelty can be just as damaging as the 'bully' themselves'.
> 'Everyone is trying to get through the day as best they can'. Even the bully.

So there you have it.
Quite an array of varied topics here but hey - keeps it interesting ;-)

Take care peeps!

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