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For weeks now, I have been intending to join in with this new linky-up segment that Kellie of Give A Girl A Blog hosts every week! 
Only now, have I finally got to it!
So here is what I am currently creating...

Apart from my usual paper-crafting and memory-keeping endeavours, I do also enjoy working with wool - whether it be knitting or crochet.
I signed up for Jellywares Spring Yarn Club back a couple of months back and received the first package in the mail early September.
Jodie had sent a lovely ball of Noro Taiyo yarn to work with as well of a selection of patterns to choose from and a hand stamped calico project bag to store it in.

After finding the links to all the possible patterns and consulting my creative support person in this activity, Kellie - who I mentioned above ;-) - we decided that the Cadence Shawlette would be the one. Challenging and out of my depth but I wanted to challenge myself and grow my knitting skills so the decision was made!!
Now just to get the required needles and find the time to get it started. 

This opportunity came when my hubby needed me to do a couple of hours down at the shop while he ran a delivery out to a client.
Perfect chance to get this project on the needles and on it's way!!

Ok, so it is my first time using this yarn, first time using circular needles, had only ever used stitch markers once it was different and slightly challenging. I had to refer to YouTube videos on my iPhone to learn some new stitches. I had forgotten to bring down my stitch markers with me to the shop so paper clips it was!! And they work fine I might add ;-) Nothing I couldn't handle and overcome so far, so I'm proud :-)

Looking forward to getting it finished.
And I've seen sneaky peeks of this month's package too, so I'm eager to receive mine and see what goodies are in store next from Jodie :-)

What are you currently creating??

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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