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Hello Hello Hello lovely ones!
MAN ALIVE! Has it been a topsy turvy month around here.
The term 3 school holidays consisted of sick kids and then Mr Awesome feeling not-so-awesome for a couple of weeks.

{ she had an earache with her cold and cough - thankfully some panadol and a heat pack helped relieve this and it didn't turn out to be something more nasty!}

{ this little one got conjunctivitis which we think was triggered by a bout of hayfever! Poor thing was gunking up something chronic!} hasn't all been nasty! The kids were actually in quite good spirits considering being a tad off in health. 

October 17 was my birthday - I have been kickin' around for 32 years!
Did a little selfie photoshoot which Miss J ended up joining in with too ;-)

It also happened to be the local show day and I had volunteered to go on gate duty there as part of the P&C from the Gums!

I spent two and a half hours sticking paper bracelets around people's arms :-)
Was in great company though!

I did get to look around a bit...

I dropped in on my crazy Nutrimetics friends (yep, my neighbour has just nabbed me and signed me up a few weeks ago! hehe)

The kids got their ride on the Rotary merry-go-round.
We had dinner - chips for kids, fish and chips for Mr Awesome, and a delicious hot spud with yummy toppings for me!
There was also DONUTS! Show is not complete without donuts...

and fireworks of course ;-)
Kids loved it!

We had Mr Awesome's parents here for a few days.
I have had training nights for Nutrimetics and Ambulance so have been in town quite a bit.
I have been dabbling in creative projects where I can - not as much as I would like though so I'm a tad behind in some DT requirements but am loving the experience!
Over the weekend, I bit-the-bullet and got busy re-arranging my craft studio - mainly the furniture in order to make my workspace more organised, efficient and productive. We bought another set of block shelves for added storage and added that to the room.

Got a fair way to go yet but am super excited and keen for a more streamline workspace where everything fits and is exactly where i want it!!

This week I am participating in Week In The Life - a concept created by Ali Edwards where you document in more detail a week in your life. She had set the dates for this week so I'm going with it. I also bought her kit she put together this year especially for this exercise. I LOVE it - I might actually get the week documented in an album this year, just not on paper ;-)

What has been happening in your world lately??

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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