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Hi there lovelies!!
Today marks 32 years of my life!! LOL! 
Heading into the local show day today and will enjoy a show of fireworks tonight with the kiddies and my man along with hundreds of others ;-)
Check out this week's list of...

1. Okay, so I've harped on and linked to many an article/post on this topic but they are links that I am continually attracted to and click on because it's something important to me and what I want for my life and my home...minimalism. Creating a home and life that is clutter-free. I read this article during the week and there were three points that stuck out to me - ones I already know and attempt to implement in my de-cluttering and organisational endeavours but necessary to be reminded every once in a while - 
> Believe it is possible!
> Small victories generate extra motivation to keep going! (I can confirm this! I know that when I achieve something small, I feel empowered to keep going on similar tasks and helps me continue and allow me to tackle the larger tasks!)
> Develop daily habits & routines.

It's an ongoing process for me; a work in progress. 
One thing I have learned whilst undergoing the goal to de-clutter my home is this...
Stop being so hard on myself. 
Be realistic in your expectations of myself.
Take one step at a time.

2. So, flowing on from the topic above - I found a link to this post on Facebook about Kid Friendly Home Organisation!! She mentions the book by Josh Becker called 'Clutterfree with Kids' which I own but have not read yet. I could definitely relate to the part where she mentions the places in your home where things stack up -- no matter how many times you clear it, things just stack up again. And so she removed these areas...Anna - get to it!!
And yes...I am talking to myself ;-)

3. Not ALL books need pictures! Yep - I showed my 6 year old this video and I have a feeling our next pet will be called BOO BOO BUTT ;-) Check it out!

4. How to be a Better Mum in Five Steps -- yep, I am sometimes a sucker for these titles...usually when I feel I just need that particular pick me up. I had a sense with this link that it wouldn't be what ya think. Not exactly steps but little points of encouragement - check it out :-)

5. Ok, so there is a slightly amusing story to how I got to this link...
Miss J had been nagging me all day if I could make her a banana and carrot smoothie JUST like on Bing Bunny! I had to look him up and good ole Google popped up with these colour-in pages!! The kids thought they were AWESOME!
Winner :-)
P.S. I did make the smoothie and she KINDA likes it. LOL ;-)

Take care peeps!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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