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G'day lovely readers!
Today you can check out this week's list of...

1. Caylee wrote THIS blog post and it resonated deeply with me - I love the little banner she has created for herself -- PRODUCE MORE, CONSUME LESS. I have been battling lately with being inspired but not producing to the full extent that I could be with that inspiration. I get distracted with all the stuff online that continually inspires me and then I don't actually become fully productive myself. I need to learn to switch off and be selective with my time online and give more time to actually DOING and CREATING rather than ogling everything online so much. 

2. I really liked THIS blog post...maybe because I strive to make my bed EVERY morning! It's probably the only sure thing and gives me a sense of tidy and control in my disheveled and dis-organised house - which is a work in progress...still :-/

3. I seriously thought I had in fact written this post - I am very aware of heeding my kids' requests (within reason - cos sometimes it is just a ploy to stay awake just that little bit longer). I haven't heard the dreaded line this woman got but I have felt the frustration of having my ME time cut into and using the line 'I'm busy at the moment' or 'we'll do it later, I don't have the time right now'. Must chill out more about that!

4. Quite a good read right here...I've been married 8.5 years and I can attest to many of these points. Also can admit I'm still working on some too ;-)

5. Totally loving some new papery collections that have recently been released or by Amy Tangerine, and one by Heidi Swapp!
Gorgeous stuff!!

That's it for another week!
See ya through the week for more exciting stuff to be revealed :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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