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Hey there my dear readers!
Are you ready for your next dose of...
Well, read on...

1. Why wait until you are dying to actually live? Connie Johnson poses this question in THIS TED TALK -- well worth watching!

2. A list of 42 good things to do to have a positive and uplifting effect on others...and yourself for that matter :-)

3. I reckon my kids would LOVE this!

4. My first blog post as a new Design Team member for A Piece of Cake Designs went live this week!! So happy and excited about that!

5. I am taking part in A Week in the Life next week. This is a concept created by the one and only Ali Edwards in which you document a week in your life with photographs and stories. I loved this article she wrote about going deeper with your stories, explaining the why, where, when, how details rather than just stating the event or moment.
Our days are built with stories.
Love that!!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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