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So, we are in the last week of school holidays here.
Jot Kids is back.
Both Miss J and I were quite excited when this was announced.
Kim Archer and fellow Jot girl, Lauren had been busy putting together a great little activity for the kids to enjoy and get crafty! 
There was a mood board and some free printables to use - see HERE!
On our town day last week, I let Miss J loose in our local scrapbook store with the mood board pic in hand. She found quite a few little goodies for her piece of art! 
SIDENOTE: I think she hadn't quite grasped the concept of a mood board completely as we had a few issues when it came to what we did or didn't have that was in the picture -- "But we haven't got all the things that are in the little basket"  - hmmmm ;-)
She got the part about the colours but I just needed to do some extra explaining and reassuring that we were all good!

I had been putting the activity off as I just could not handle the house getting any messier and I just knew that Little K would make matters harder.
The other day I just decided to go for it!
Out came the stash (I had created a little bag that was just hers with all her little goodies for the activity) and she got her craft on!!

She loved spraying the page with some Mr Huey's white colour mist - she didn't like the being patient part while it dried ;-)
She had lots of fun arranging where she was putting things - vetoed many of my suggestions...she is one strong-willed child and loved being in control ;-)
(I have two lovely children like this!)

I did help her with the banner on the top and cutting the words YUM out of purple tissue paper.
And then it was DONE!!

This is how she wanted to pose with her creation...

What a kook ;-)
She makes me laugh!
I mean - just look at the photo and her writing 'I have ice-cream lips' AND she put two smily faces after is me and one is her -- 'Cos it makes us BOTH laugh Mummy, so I drew both of our happy faces!'
Funny kid :-)

Well done Miss J!
You did good AND...I survived ;-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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