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Happy Friday!
Here are my week's worth of...

1. How to stop yelling at your kids! Find out this mother's simple tip.
I'm generally pretty good at keeping my head and have even been praised for my level of calm amongst the kiddy storms BUT there has been some times where I have gotten to the end of my tether and resorted to yelling I must admit. This tip that the mother in this post suggests could be a nice little key to more control :-)

2. I know nearly every Linky Loves post I've linked up to this blog. I really can't apologise though because I get so much out of what this fella writes ;-)
This week, I really enjoyed this post and all the links he had in it too. I particularly liked the article on 'How to Live a Happy Life' - the idea of placing a notebook at the side of your bed and each night before turning off the light, writing down three things that you are thankful for in your day. Then a quick sentence highlighting why this is so and how it happened for each thing.
I like the idea :-)

3. I can't say that I agree with everything in this article but I did find it interesting nonetheless.

4. Why would I buy this hair product from the shop when I can make my own!?!

5. I was introduced to this Etsy store this week owned by blogger, Caylee Grey. I nabbed this awesome, very-well-put-together planner kit. It's pdf so you just print off whichever parts that suit you. She has thought of pretty much everything so I'm fairly well covered across all areas of our lives here. Can't wait to print it off and get it in action!! and gold...umm - totally sold me right there ;-)

Enjoy the weekend :-)

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