Friday Faves...

7:00 AM

Time for another list of my

1. My kids would love these headbands. I've popped this on my knitting 'to-do' list ;-)

2. My husband sent me this link via twitter last year. I re-visited it over the weekend at my husband's prompting that I probably should. No subtle hinting with him ;-)
I know that sleep is important. I know I need to get to bed earlier. The whole idea of 'I'll catch up on the weekend' - yep! Have so used that!
It just never works that way I plan though!
This all still needs some work.

3. Came across a new blog this week. Looking forward to what Andrea has to share in this space :-)

4. I purchased THIS NEW APP yesterday - another one by Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess.

5. The girls watched The Croods again the other day - I always love jigging along to the song at the end when the credits are rolling...
Shine your way folks! Shine your way :-)

Happy Friday!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Thanks for sharing my headbands link Anna. PLEASE let me know when you make them as I would love to see.

    I am normally a night owl, late AM type. But in the past 4-6 months or so I am in bed and often zzzzz by 10pm-10.30pm. I had to work at this and really train my body to adjust to the time. I am finding I am more active when I get more sleep and less active and want to sleep by 3pm when I don't. Mind you weekends are open to late night crafting!


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