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I haven't blogged much everyday 'goings on' in our life at the moment. This would most likely be due to the fact that we had school holidays and time just goes swoosh!
Anyway, I thought I'd pop in and share some piccies of my fam and what we have been up to over the last couple of weeks or so...

It's definitely Winter here. We got a tad low on wood there for a while so I was taking Little K on small walks around the house to collect some bits of wood, sticks etc to burn in our fire to keep it going and to save wood and make it stretch further until we could get some more. It was quite a fun little exercise to keep up busy and active so no complaints here :-)

I received this awesome canvas from the super talented Jodie of Polka Dot Creative - I love everything she does. And her script writing is just divine!
Now just to get it mounted on my wall somewhere - I'm thinking in my bedroom so I wake up to it EVERYDAY :-)

Miss J was invited to a 6th birthday party of one of her school friends - this was the cake that the mother made. She had coloured the icing herself using natural products AND drew and cut out the ponies from scratch too. And as if that wasn't enough she also made a trifle cake piled up with fruit on top which was delicious!

Chalk Art!! Always a fun outdoor activity for the kids to do :-)

Because of holidays, my town days now involved both my children which was interesting. It was Macca's for tea this particular town day and they were rather chuffed with their StormFly dragon figurine in their Happy Meal :-) Huge 'How to Train Your Dragon' fans here!

We went for walks and played in the park (dodging the rain as best we could!)...

Picked flowers on the way home from the side of the road and I enjoyed many cups of tea to warm up ;-)

Being school holidays, some treat times were in order. A few times, we made a trip over to the 'Road-shop' as Miss J refers to it as -- bought some drinks and maybe an ice-cream or a chocolate and walked around to Daddy at the shop and had a little picnic style catch-up together...cos we can :-D

There was sleep-ins...well for me anyhow. The kids still got up at their unearthly hour but they know they are not allowed out of their room until 7am. And then they entertain themselves fairly well while I have a little bit more of a snooze. Miss J enjoyed coming and sitting beside me in my bed and reading one of my mags -- "Once upon a time there were fairies..." *I had totally missed the part of my knitting/crochet mag having fairies in it ;-) hehe

One weekend we stayed in town for a couple of nights so I could complete my First Aid training. It was nice having the Golden Arches close-by again for the purposes of a special midnight snack ;-)

Can't do the grocery run without a car ride! We don't usually give them money for it but this time we said Yes.
Just for the record - Little K did actually enjoy the ride once she got over the initial grouch over not being on the side of the car she wanted!! hey!?! ;-)

I got my First Aid certificate :-)

Playgroup Fun!!!

On Sunday night we headed off down the road to our neighbour's and had a bonfire night!! Much enjoyment was had by all :-)

Life must be rather eventful and fun -- sometimes Little one didn't quite make it to bed before falling to sleep ;-)

Precious xx

So what have you been up to my lovelies??

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. So many gorgeous photos Anna. Your girls are ADORABLE and I love that canvas by Jodie.


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