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9:47 PM

The Blythe Doll.
Oh, how I have succumbed to the great world of thee.
Some may be rolling their eyes right now.
Some may be giggling with glee.
And some will be just downright excited about this!
I am writing this post for the latter group (oh! and the middle group). Hahaha!
Even if you have not entered the world of collecting or owning Blythe dolls, they are still nice to look at! There are some really gorgeous dolls and photographs of them out there!
I am writing this post today because...
Today is my one year anniversary of beginning my journey of owning Blythe dolls.
On this date, one year ago, I held that awesome brown package in my hand in anticipation and excitement!
Eeek! My first Blythe doll.
She was a Bohemian Peace Neo Blythe NRFB.
I bought her on Ebay (on special- hehe).
I named her Milla-Mae Blossum.
Many ladies whose blogs I read owned these dolls. I just admired them from afar. Their photos of their girls were spectacular and made the dolls look so 'life-like' - it was incredible.
So one day I just decided to do a search on Ebay and BAM! I was hooked!
A few of these ladies also had Etsy shops where they created Blythe clothes and sold.
I quickly became a fan and even now, I still like to support them with my business.
Milla-Mae's first outfit was from Tammy of Girls Wear Blue Too.
This was quickly followed by a few other outfits from Tammy as I loved her creations!
And Milla-Mae looked stunning in them!
Through Blythe, I have 'met' some lovely people whom I chat to often via Twitter and Instagram. It also happens that they are all pretty crafty creatives aswell which makes it even more awesome! I have enjoyed getting to 'know' them all better through these social media sites.
Who would of thought a doll would have allowed me to come into contact with such beautiful human beings. My life is so much more enriched because of it :-)
And one day, hopefully, we will meet - in real life.
Maybe at a Blythe meet?
Or just a little crafty Blythey get-together we manage to organise one day ;-)
Me and Blythe.
I think we're sticking together!
I will do another post to introduce my other girls when time allows.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  2. Hi Anna,

    Thanks so much for the mention. Milla Mae looks gorgeous in those warm colours. My anniversary was in October and I am happy to have made lovely online friends like you through these little lovelies. x


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