A Soft Touch To Killing Germs...

10:29 PM

I dislike them.
Especially the ones that make you sick.
Since becoming a mother, I have become even more aware of germs and how easily they pass themselves along!
That time when you catch your newly-crawling baby sharing a meal with the cat!
Or when EVERYTHING goes into your child's mouth that ISN'T food - toys, flies, the toilet brush!
You walk into the doctors surgery and your child heads straight for the toy box, picks up a toy that you just saw a sick kid cough all over. Then your kid wipes that hand all over their own face!
Probably seems a tad dramatic to you. But when you've had the sickies hit your home too often and you know your stress levels sky-rocket when they do AND you're a complete vomit-phobe - you become VERY aware of germs and seek any possible way to help eradicate these sicky germs and avoid any cross-contamination!

I mean, I am one of those people who keep wipes in my bag for when we go out anywhere to eat or whatever, so I can wipe the table over before sitting down to consume any food or undertake any other activity we are doing.
In my bag, I also keep Hand Sanitiser.

Call me a Germ-A-Phobe but I don't think it is that extreme.
I know there are germs that are ok.
Our immune systems need germs to become stronger and able to fight off the bad germs.
But if there is a way to keep the yuckies at bay - I'm there!
And, the experts say that washing and/or sanitising your hands is one of the most effective ways of limiting the spread of germs that cause the yucky sickies!!
When the opportunity came to receive a bottle of the new Dettol Touch of Foam hand wash to try out, I took it!
This new hand wash is soft on your skin but hard on germs which is what I like to hear. I particularly enjoy the 'foam' aspect of this product. It is dispensed as a soft pile of non-drip, creamy foam in your hand, enriched with micro-bubbles that deliver moisture to your skin.
And your hands really DO feel very soft and comfortable after washing. I kept rubbing my hands after using it because they felt so nice. And they smelled darn good too!
The new Dettol Touch of Foam Wash comes in three different fragrances - Jasmine & Almond Dream, Rose & Cherry in Bloom, and Wild Berry Bliss. They each come in a 250ml pump and there is a value 500ml refill available for each variant as well.
So with it's dual effect formula, this hand wash stands out amongst the others for me. The Foaming Formula expands easily to remove dirt all over, delivering moisture to your skin AND it kills 99.9% of germs.
Thank you Dettol!
I have a bottle in the bathroom.
And a bottle in the laundry.
(Which I bought especially for Mr Awesome when he comes home from work and washes up before coming inside!)
It's even a winner with the kids!
Sprout was quite fascinated with the foamy lather :-)

 It's gotta be good then hey!?!
LOL :-)
For any further information - go HERE!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...
P.S. Please note that ALL opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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