Hello Monday...

10:11 PM


Still following along with Lisa Leonard every week and her Hello Monday posts!
So here are a few HELLO'S for this week...

HELLO to an open clean space to walk on in my girls' room! Over the weekend, I did a huge blitz and sorted, organised and tidied my two daughters shared room. It looks great. Won't always stay like this with a one year old around but she's not doing too bad so far! We'll see :-)

 HELLO to the festive season!
Last night we attended the Christmas Parade in town.
The kids had a blast!
And HELLO to...hmmm...maybe taking after Mummy one day ;-)
Both my girls seem to be rather musical so we'll see where that leads!
What are you saying HELLO to this week?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...
Oh and P.S. There may not be a Hello Monday segment next week as we will be travelling to our Christmas festivities and such. Hopefully, it will resume again the next week :-)

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  1. Well done on a tidy room! Hard to keep it that way. Cute girls--have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Parades are always fun! It's neat to see how you celebrate the season in warm weather. We are due for snow on Friday...have a wonderful Christmas!


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