Hello Monday - December 3...

9:06 PM

I am joining up each week with Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday posts.
So here's some Hello's...

HELLO December! HELLO to the time to decorate! HELLO to the tree going up!
(Yes we are clapping in this photo. It's all so exciting!!)
HELLO to getting back to eating some normal food and normal eating habits.
After being sick for the last week and just nibbling on foods I 'kinda' felt like every now and then - it was nice to sit down to some quiche and salad and enjoy!
HELLO to a little tinsel groove :-)
HELLO to Christmas decorations adorning the shops!
HELLO to my visit to the doctor today. HELLO to some upcoming tests and procedures. And hopefully HELLO to some answers as to why I am experiencing some ongoing ailments.
[ source ]
HELLO to the new issue of Etzcetera magazine. OUT NOW! I totally adore this magazine - it's jam-packed with crafty inspiration and lots of lifestyle articles! Go HERE to buy this issue or subscribe :-)
HELLO to some toothpicks and washi tape - TA-DAH! A new starry decoration for the tree :-)
(This was my first attempt so it's a little wonky but...I like!)
What are you saying HELLO to this week?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. love the toothpick decor.
    hello and happy holidays.

  2. hello to you! popping over from lisa's to check you out.
    praying you get the answers that wil bring yo healing and peace from your medical appointments.

    1. Hi Denise! Thank you so much. Appreciate that :-)


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