Hello Monday - 10/12/12...

10:02 PM

I'm continuing to join in with Lisa Leonard and her Hello Monday posts!

So here is some Hello's...

HELLO to beautiful roses in bloom in town.
HELLO to getting into some more scrapbooking. This is a special project which I will blog about in more depth at a later date - hopefully this week!
HELLO to getting my dolly friends out and about for photoshoots!
HELLO to beading for a special Christmas project. It's been a while since I have done this so it was nice to re-introduce myself to the world of beading etc. Now I'm keen to start designing and putting together some jewellery items!
HELLO to some very itchy welts on Sprout's lower back, butt and legs! I've had suggestions that they are hives and I am inclined to agree. And I haven't got any antihistamines to give her! She is fine though - just darn itchy! Poor little mite :-/
HELLO to outdoor play! Both my kids can't get enough of being outside - especially this little Sparkle!
What are you saying Hello to this week?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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