My Christmas Wishlist...

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This year my Christmas Wishlist consists of 2 things.
Let me show you.
Caffitaly Coffee  Machine S14
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The New Caffitaly system by Woolworths. I have always wanted a coffee machine to make myself a REAL coffee but it was too expensive to get one for just 1 coffee drinker in the house and the odd visitor we get every now and then, and family when they come.
But now! This little baby is affordable and easy to use. It is a machine that uses coffee pods and I have heard that they are REALLY good and everyone is raving about them.
So it's on my Christmas Wishlist!
The other thing...
Selphy portable printer
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The Canon Selphy CP900 portable photo printer.
I have wanted one of these for over a year now. I know of some friends who have it and LOVE it. And it would be perfect for me in that I would be able to print off that photo I really need NOW instead of waiting until town day to go and use the machines, wait for an hour or two for printing, all with kids running a muck!! LOL! waiting for online orders to arrive in the post!
It's a winner in my book.
And so it is also on my Christmas list.
Of course there are plenty of other things I would LOVE but know I probably won't get for Christmas but I will share them with you anyway.
If you don't know by now, I am an avid fan of Etsy. It's my Go-To online site for anything gifty, handmade, vintage etc etc. Very addictive. Like Pinterest. Except at least Pinterest is just eye candy and not (usually) bad for the bank balance unless you suddenly get REALLY inspired and follow a link for a tutorial on something, then your on Etsy anyway - buying what you need for that project!! It's a real clever cycle!
Here a few of my little loves on Etsy right now...
Bunting embroidery hoop necklace - navy, spearmint, purple, orange, pink, yellow, blue - miniature hoop - made with love by dandelyne
[ source ]
This cute little necklace with its colourful bunting in a tiny embroidery hoop has really tickled my fancy. I have so many pieces of jewellery in my Etsy favourites but this one has gotta be top of my list at the moment. It's by dandelyne. There is so many other cute things there too. Check it out.
clock - retro, modern doily clock
[ source ]
Would love this clock for my studio. It's by andfurthermore.
ORIGINAL Love Thy Self Girly
[ source ]
I love the artwork that the lovely Kate Mason produces. You will find many gorgeous mixed media originals and prints in her Etsy shop, MessyMissKate.
9x12 Wool Felt Sheets - A Collection of Heathers - 8 Sheets of Felt
[ source ]
Washi Tape Set - 15mm - Combination AY - Green and Pink - Four Rolls Washi Tape
[ source ]
Organic cotton/ bamboo blend yarn- 5 skeins
[ source ]
cotton package (8ea) 16873
[ source ]
And anything crafty, I've got it on the list! (or in my favourites)!
1. Felt sheets - sweetemmajean
2. Washi Tape - InTheClear
3. Skeins of Yarn - ScarecrowOrganics
4. Fabric pack - cottonholic
So what is on YOUR Christmas wishlist this year?
Or what are you loving right now that you just really WANT!?!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Ooooh, nice list! I've been eyeing off a Selphy too! Thanks for popping by my blog and sharing in my exciting news! x


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