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10:53 AM

And here we are!
Another week gone -- therefore another lot of my

1. Came across this quick clean up list - I really want to get into a good cleaning habit!! I always seem to get behind and feel like the house is out of control!

2. One of my bloggy, creative friends is having a super September sale over at her little stamp shop. I just love Kellie Stamps! They are just that little bit of extra awesome to any layout, PL spread etc etc. Head over to her shop now and grab a bargain - she has stamps, flair, and also some stamp bundles to purchase. And don't forget to use the code CLEAROUTSALE to get 10% off your purchase!

3. Found these cute Fathers Day printables -- there is still two days until Fathers Day which leaves plenty of time if you want to use these printables for gifts to the Dad of the family :-)
I particularly like the booklet and coupons :-)

4. Loving ALOT of the garments in this catalogue! If only my bank balance could stretch that far!

5. So...apparently it's 16 weeks until Christmas. Now, I know it seems early to be mentioning the festive season BUT it does tend to creep up rather quickly and I LOVE to feel and be organised. Mel has started a Handmade Christmas segment on her blog for each Thursday in an attempt to cheer each other on and be able to get to Christmas and know you're all sorted!! Dunno about you...but that sounds rather appealing to me :-)

Enjoy your weekend!
Busy one here for us with Miss J's 6th birthday party tomorrow and then Father's Day on Sunday. Busy but fun :-)

Talk again soon.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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