Around Here - Over The Last Month...

2:31 PM

It's been a tad quiet around here on my little blog apart from the usual routine posts.
So I thought I'd pop in and share a little of what as been happening in the life of us :-)

My sister came to visit. It was great to have another part of my family here - she cooked some yummy treats for us ;-)

Mr Awesome turned another year older!

And we celebrated with a birthday bonfire night in our backyard with some of our neighbours :-)

 My sister and I headed into town one weekend and attended a retreat held by the local scrapbooking store. Awesome creative time - I really needed it!! 
Thanks Mr Awesome for looking after the kiddies :-)

We attended Miss J's Learning Journey at school - she thoroughly enjoyed taking us around her classroom showing off all her work. Completely in her element she was ;-)
And I must say she is doing very well - she has had some issues with concentration and getting pieces of work finished on time but, as reported from her teacher, she is improving in this area and learning to apply herself better!

 Miss J turned six years old!!!

We celebrated Fathers Day!
Crazy kids ;-)

I registered for the Escape 2 Create 2015 retreat...
Exciting stuff :-)

I became a YOUR INSPIRATION AT HOME consultant!
I am loving all the products these bods put out - and it makes cooking a whole lot easier and tastier! I can whip up a snack in minutes which is awesome for me! 
You can view the catalogue and order the products through my YIAH website HERE.
You can also find recipe ideas and such there as well.
I plan to share recipes and product updates over on my YIAH Facebook page HERE too (it's a work in progress but I'm aiming to build this up more soon!) so click LIKE to follow and get up to date info :-)
As you can see, my bench is getting quite full - and this is not all of it!! I haven't included the other bench full of tea blends, chocolate powders, and flavoured sugars!!!

I have sent letters and received goodies from my penpals.
I signed up for the creative pen pal swap a while back that was run by Mel from One Crafty Mumma blog - I have one international and one Aussie penpal. 

Unfortunately, the last month has seen me with a bad back and hip. Last week it got the better of me and I headed into emergency - I was ordered some heavy duty pain relief and to stay active (well, doh). My back is much improved but my hip is still causing me some grief. Living on nurofen at the moment. Might need to get to a doctor again - if I can get in!!

Spring is creeping in with some lovely sunny (and rather warm) days. This week we've had some rain too which is great for the farmer's crops! 
Smiles all round I think :-)

I have also been [slowly] getting some creative things done where I can as my hip/back allows. Will share some more of that in detail soon.

Take care!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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