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7:30 AM

Another week has zipped by - it's like 13 weeks until Christmas or something crazy like that! is this weeks edition of -

1. So I don't get to watch much telly apart from ABC2 through the day around here ;-)...BUT a link on Facebook took me to the funniest thing I've seen in a while - I LAUGHED GOOD AND HARD!! So according to me, apparently you need to watch PART 1 and seriously you should watch PART 2 aswell ;-)

2. Wanna whip yourself up a handmade braided necklace? Go for it!

3. And on the handmade theme, what about making your own lip balm!?! I always love the idea of making my own beauty products, soaps, laundry powder etc -- I have just never actually had the time or resources to do it yet! I'm sure I will one day though :-)

4. I LOVE what Jodie did in her art journal this week! So simple yet full of impact!

5. I am yet to try this recipe but I have heard from many sources that it is delicious!!

So that's what I've been reading or viewing this week on the world wide web.
Enjoy your weekend!
Any particular plans?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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