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7:30 AM

Hi my lovely readers.
Welcome to another week of...

So what have I been reading/viewing around the web this week...

1. I saw on Facebook that two keen knitters are doing a little knit-a-long together - they are making THIS cardigan. I have ordered the yarn and supplies from Jellywares to have a go at making one myself. Anyone want to knit-a-long with me? Mum? ;-) hehe
It will probably be a long-term project I reckon - the pattern is a little out of my depth but I'm keen for the challenge.

2. Loving all these scrappy goodies for this month's kits and add-ons at Studio Calico.

3. This article/post might not be everybody's cup of tea or reflect your own beliefs but it rings true with me. I really admire how this woman explains why she still believes and holds onto her faith despite the sadness and trials life has dealt her and her family. I actually know the couple, not in the NOW but many moons ago when I was in college and uni. I even stayed with them once in their home. Their story is sad yet filled with faith, intense love, beauty and strength.

4. Signed up for this cool new bloggy members site designed by Pip Lincolne. I'm keen to check out her content in this little community she has created. You can be a member too :-)

5. I was reading Sunday's blog Love Happy Daily - I was scrolling down and came across THIS post about FOCUS! Those two points she lists at the beginning? I seriously could have written them. It is SO me!!! I am yet to listen to the podcast she referred to - I am thinking it will be interesting.

Well that's my five for this week.

Enjoy your weekend - I know I will! I am off to a scrapbooking retreat in town run by our local scrapbook store. So excited! Am planning on getting a good Project Life catch-up going - I desperately need it!

Take care!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Anna, knit along with us!! The more the merrier, would be lovely to have a third person in the knit-a-long.


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