Friday Faves...

7:30 AM

Time for some...

Here is what I have reading this week...

1. I've mentioned before that I desire to live with less and declutter my home. I would also like to be more organised with housework better too! 30 day cleaning challenge anyone??
I hope to do this - it looks quite achieveable actually :-)

2. I love colour! This post by Lissanne Oliver just made me want to get busy organising and arranging colourful items in my workspace - it also got me wanting to get to Officeworks but we won't go there. Too far to get to the closest one anyway...which is probably a good thing ;-)

3. I have always wanted to crochet a granny hottie cover so I am going to try and keep up with THIS!

4. In my eagerness to get into art journalling I would LOVE to play along with THIS and get messy - might need restrain myself though as I could be wearing myself abit thin ;-/

5. And...AN EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Look what I'll be doing for the next six months :-D

Take care all!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Woohoo! Well done Anna! And yes I think the 30 day cleaning challenge is do-able too, maybe we can cheer each other along?

  2. WHOO HOO congratulations! Can't wait to see the blog posts that come with it.


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