A Little Running, Climbing, Jumping and -- DISCO...

12:31 PM

That was what yesterday was all about.
I headed off to Miss J's Kindy class Sports Day.
It was held in the afternoon and involved running races, obstacle course, bowling, sack races, and the fave...egg and spoon race. Parents got a go at that last one - Miss J insisted that I had to go in it ;-)
Here is some of the afternoon in photos...

 It really was a great afternoon. You can see that Little K was keen to join in on some activities just like her big sister ;-)
 Miss J was rather excited that she won some of her races, including the sack race! I can see that she is going to be quite athletic I think and has a bit of a competitive streak - wonder where she gets that from!?! dum-de-dum-de-dum ;-) - but at the moment that is greatly over-rided by the pure fun of it all!!
The day ended with icy poles and a sweet rendition of Skid-a-merink sung by the kids to the parents! Heart melting moment (with a glint of a tear in my eye) was when Miss J would turn and point to me whenever the line 'I love you' came around. Awwww...sniff sniff. Love her.
Between 4-5pm there was a juniour disco happening at the big school and I decided to take the girls along. They had a WOW of a time dancing around with friends. Even Little K joined in with her grooves (and she has got groove I can tell ya! haha!).
The highlight for Miss J though, would have to have been getting her face painted...

A Fairy Butterfly!
It was so pretty. There was some reluctance when it came time to wash it off.
But much fun was had and that is what matters!
And I can tell you this -
There was no complaints at bed time. Straight to sleep no problem for these two ;-)
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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