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Well, if you have been over at the Jot blog today (Thursday), you will have seen the projects I created for this little challenge of sorts. I submitted one layout and one set of journalling cards for the special blog post but I did manage to create more.
If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen this little sneak peak...
Craft House are a major sponsor for Jot Magazine and for being a part of the Jot Team, they sent each of us team members a prize pack. Part of this consisted of a mixed pack of journalling cards. Part of the challenge put before us for this special project was to pick out some of these cards and decorate them. Well you would of seen one of my sets but I would like to fully reveal the other set.

Due to the cards being mixed up, I am unsure which kits all of these come from exactly but the top corner with Mr Awesome on it, is a  plain card from a textured 3x4 card set called COBALT.
I was going through my old photos stashed away in boxes (in my attempt to get my studio organised, all the boxes unpacked, etc etc) and found a few photos of Mr Awesome and I's first official date. THIS is an important story to document!!! And because I only had a few photos, using the journal cards was a perfect way to get it recorded in a quick, easy but effective way.
I am unsure whether these will go into a pocket-style album or if I will arrange these onto a cardstock background as a layout - at the moment they are just sitting aside in a nice neat pile and I am just happy that this part of our life story is recorded!!
My favourite bits...??
Well - *I like the effect that punched out half circle makes in the top middle card. And you will see that I turned it around and used the underside pattern on the card as well :-)
*Incorporporating your own writing into a layout or into your albums and pages always personalises things abit for me. I thought that including (what we can recall) what we were thinking on that day -  quite some time ago now - about each other. I love that my man 'came to the party' and actually wrote something for this on the card in the top right side. And yes - let's hear it...
LOL ;-)
*Another element I like here is cutting a photo down to fit a space on the card. Like, for example, on the bottom right card with the photo of me on the log.
Yes, I'm blond here. And skinny....-er than now. Hehe ;-)
Anyway, it kind of makes the photo look like it was actually part of the card.
So that's my journalling card set.
I also created another layout - which I actually did first - but I didn't submit it. I created the one that is in the Jot blog post as I (and I'm telling you this because I like to keep things real here in my little space!)...I botched the first one up. At the last minute.
And I really liked it before I wrecked it.
So then I added a few more things to try and fix it. With a little improvement.
But it looked a tad cluttered then.
So Plan B happened. And I LOVE that one too.
I am going to be brave and show you the layout that I didn't submit.
Because there are actually lots of little parts of it that I really like!

Can you see where I made my Big Whoopsie?
I'm not gonna say ;-)
The colouring is a tad off in this shot. I have really struggled with taking the photos of layouts lately. Can't seem to find the right spot at our new place here in town that is best to capture things on camera!

 ^Some close-up details of the photo and journalling!
^And this part is probably my favourite bit of the layout. Two PL cards crossed over one another and the photo of my big girl sleeping as the centre piece. I love how the words on the PL card ('SNAPSHOT A Photo Speaks A Thousand Words') just sums it all up perfectly!!
All up - I used eight different journal cards from the stash on this layout!
Five layered in the top section, two (as mentioned above) in the bottom section, and one card I cut up to use as some of the text words - Laugh, Cherish, Love, Adore.
Some of my fave embellishments on this layout are those little stars, the sequins, rhinestone and cherry flair badge - all from 'A Piece of Cake Designs' kits :-)
Abit of a lengthy post but I hope you have enjoyed it!! Well I defintiely enjoyed the creative process of it all for sure! Ya live and learn hey!?!
If you haven't, in fact, stopped over at Jot and checked out my other projects there - please do. You can find it HERE.
And make sure you take a peek at the other 3 gorgeous layouts already featured this week. And there will be much more coming over the rest of the week so keep going back for more inspiration and fun!!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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