There Will Be No Monday-itis This Coming Week...

11:07 PM

And I am about to tell you why!
Do you ever dread the end of a weekend? Feel sad when Sunday night comes to a close?
Do you really dislike Mondays?
Well, thanks to Jot, there will be NONE of that this week!!!
You are in for an exciting treat...
Starting Monday, you will be treated to a whole array of Project Life inspired projects. All of us at Jot Magazine are super excited to be sharing our ideas and creations with you and hope that this week will be an inspired one for you. Maybe it will be the little kick-start you need into this wonderful world of memory keeping that is Project Life!
So mark your diaries, set those reminders on your phone - however you do it...please join us from Monday for the first reveal!
Exciting stuff :-)
We'll see you there. Take care.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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