Jot Mood Board Challenge #10...

3:43 PM

Wow! We are up to the TENTH mood board challenge over at Jot Magazine!
And it's LIVE NOW!!
This time, it was Sharmaine's turn to select a colour combo and what a great choice she made!!
And these things aren't called Challenges for nothing! This one definitely did make me think abit harder than usual!! But I loved being pushed creatively and get me to work outside my usual little comfort zone. Matter of fact, my Jot experience as a whole has been like that! I feel myself growing and evolving creatively and I LOVE IT!!
Anyway -
Here is my layout I came up with...
Yes I know - a BLACK background. Never done that before but felt it would make the colours and textures I was using POP a little bit more.
With the world globes and trees and mountains all in the mood board, I wanted the photo choice I used to be set in the outdoors hence the sun above the trees and me laying in it :-)
Some little features I want to point out that I really enjoyed doing were:
- doodling some little trees with birds flying around them. I used a circle punch to cut the trees out.
- Incorporating a paint swatch into the layout. Free from Bunnings - you can't go wrong and they add the perfect touch to any layout :-)
- using maps and graph paper from ephemera packs.
- And my fave would have to be the text on the page. Amazing what you can do with mini ink pads, cotton buds, and your own handwriting! And some stickers of course ;-)
I am really happy with how this layout turned out actually. I am looking forward to experimenting with dark backgrounds more.
Anyway, I hope you like ;-)
Feel free to join in - head on over to the blog for more details and to see all the sample pages from other team members for loads of inspiration. They are all so awesome and unique to each individual's style. Love it!!
And you've got the whole month of October to play around with this one - entries close midnight of October 31st.
Have fun!!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. I love your doodled trees and your twine arrow...and the way you've done your text too! Fantastic layout Anna! :)


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