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Last Monday, fellow Jot creative team member, Lauren Hender, launched the awesome Jot Kids program.
It had free printables, the chance to 'meet' and see other crafty kids and their work, AND it's own special mood board challenge.
When I showed my 5 year old this mood board, her eyes grew wide and she exclaimed - "
"It's RAINBOW colours!! I love drawing rainbows!"
Her concept of this activity was slightly askew at first - in that she wanted to use the EXACT things that were shown on the page.
"Mummy!" she said, "We need to go to the rainbow shop to get everything I need for this moov board!" ;-)
But don't worry - I set her on the right track letting her know it is a mooD board and you don't actually put balloons ON the layout cos they wouldn't fit on paper - or an album for that matter - but you can draw them or paint them. You just need to use all these rainbow colours on your project.
She totally got it then.
And she got the perfect idea and knew exactly what she wanted to do!
And so the creating began!

Some cutting.
And lots of sticking down.
She was totally independent with this layout, except for some double sided tape issues which Mummy helped with as well as some scissor work - but she planned and executed this layout with very little prompting. She knew exactly what she wanted and where everything was gonna go. I had to curb her 'bossy-ness' just a few times ;-)
Independent little character we are raising here!! LOL!
And I was rather astounded at the result!
So here it is in all its glory...

Oh - another bit of Mummy assistance was for the text. I had to write the words on another piece of paper and she copied them onto the journal card. So love seeing her cute kindy handwriting on this layout!!
She wanted the balloons bunched up just like in the picture and when I looked at how she had placed the washi tape - it actually does look like a bow!! I don't know if she is aware of that or if she even meant for that but I think that it is super cool :-)
Some close-ups for you...

 And here she is holding her colourful creation with utmost pride and happiness...

This was her first full-on proper scrapbook layout!
I am so proud of her!
But hey, pretty much all mothers say that at their kids achievements!!
But more of the reason that I am proud of her, is that she stuck to it! Her concentration levels tend to waver quite abit at longer tasks and she can become easily distracted -  but with this she sat down and did it from start to finish (well the watercolour balloons were done on a separate day to give drying time!) - but it is such an achievement! So happy with her and her effort.
To view the details of the mood board challenge plus view other kids' contributions go HERE.
And if your child would like to enter, I think there is only about 2 days left to enter so you've got some time left :-)
Go Jot Kids!!!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. This is amazing Anna -- Jarrah has done a beautiful job of her rainbow layout! It's gorgeous. KIM Archer

  2. WOW Anna, your daughters layout is AMAZING!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.... :)

  3. I love seeing kids craft, so cute!


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