Something Else I Whipped Up...

3:34 PM

I was flicking through a 'Get Creative' mag the other week and come across a page I had doggy eared when I had first browsed the mag. It was for an easy kids beanie. As I have been looking for some easy baby knitting projects, I thought I would give it a try. This was my practice round...^I made a newborn size. This is after completing it and before I stitched the edges together. As this was only a practice round, I used a ball of 8ply acrylic wool I had in my yarn box for such a purpose as this.
^My intention was to use it as a hat for one of Sprout's dolly's as I wouldn't use it on an actual newborn - wool's too scratchy for a baby's head!

I think she likes it! And little Sprout thought it was pretty awesome too!

I have purchased a ball of wool in a soft baby 8ply (same sort but different colour as what I am using in the crocheted baby rug in a previous post I did) and I hope to get that one knitted up for our little jitterbug on the way.

I also would like to make some more for gifts as there a quite a few bubbas on the way that I know of so that will get me prepared in the way of welcome gifts!!

Hope you like!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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