WIP's #2...

3:53 PM

This was a result of being sidetracked! You see, I initially went into the shop to get some wool for a different project but couldn't find what I was after (in my budget anyway) - but I did see this wool and think, "Hmmm...that is a nice neutral colour to crochet a granny blankie for my new little wee one that is coming!" So I purchased two balls of it. It is Panda Magnum Soft 8ply wool and feels so cosy and I just LOVE the colours.I figured that it could do for a boy or a girl considering it has either purple or blue with a neutral colour thrown in for some balance. Do you think it is neutral enough or do you think it is more gender specific?
^This is how far I have got. I realise now that I do actually need another ball to make it a nice size baby blanket so until I am able to get into town again, the project is currently on hold. I have found a great tutorial over at an awesome little blog called Attic24 for the edging that I would like to try as this little goodies border. We will see how we go!

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