WIP's #1...

4:04 PM

I thought that I would show a few of my Works in Progress
(considering I can't seem to get time to finish them at this point in time).
At least you can see what I like to do and what I get up to.^While back in Tassie, I went to a workshop at the local scrapbook shop that I visited frequently while living over there. It was great to catch up with some of my 'scrappy' friends (sounds bad, but I mean that in the most fondest way)! We made this wall display. Obviously, mine did not get finished hence being a part of my WIP's pile. I am not entirely happy with the sizing and placement of the photos so I need to do abit of tweaking before I can say I'm totally happy with it!
^Here is some embellishments I purchased to help jazz it up abit.
It will get finished one day - hopefully in the next few months but we'll see!

I will be back with some more of my WIPs soon.
Stay tuned!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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