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This knitted strip was one I found in my stash back in Tassie while cleaning out our storage container. I had started this when I was about 12 years old and it was going to be a knitted coathanger cover. The pattern had a little hat that you knitted to put on the hook. It was quite cute but I'm really not into that kind of thing these days so I just kept knitting in garter stitch until the ball ran out, cast off and brought it home with me for some purpose that was unknown.
^The other week I came across this little insert in a knitting mag I was flicking through and I thought of my little knitted strip sitting in the craft room awaiting inspiration. So I decided to give this crochet edging on it a go.

And TA-DAH - this is the finished product. It's not particularly neat but the next ones I do will surely be better. First try is not ALWAYS perfect hey? :-)

Little Sprout saw me finish it and promptly claimed it saying - 'Mine...Mine'.
Considering I didn't have a plan for it and it was only a 'draft' practice run anyway, I didn't bother to object.
I wouldn't call it a scarf but rather a bow but she looks mighty snug hey? She thought it was awesome!!
I have more WIPs coming up to show you soon (now that I have new batteries for my camera)!
Thanks for dropping by.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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