WIP #3...

10:45 AM

I started this baby blanket when I was pregnant with little Sprout and now that I am pregnant with little Jitterbug, I thought I would get it back out and I am DETERMINED to get it finished so I can use it for this one as I am not sure there will be third little one!
It only uses knit and pearl stitch but you've got to pay attention to the pattern as it is a variation of these stitches all the way along each row. It's time consuming but I am loving the pattern.
And it kinda makes me look real clever and all - ya know :-)
^And the progress so far.
It is currently 55cm in length and the pattern calls for it to reach 77cm before you do the border edge and cast off.
So I am nearly there!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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