WIP #4...

10:43 AM

My first stitchery.
I decided to do this while back in Tassie when I found an A3-ish size photoframe broken in one of the storage boxes!
"What's a photo frame got to do with a stichery?" you may ask!
The glass may have been broken but the frame and backing was still fine and dandy. I thought I would stitch up a groovy picture and display it in the frame.

^I traced the design out of one of my favourite craft books, Pieces of Me by Janelle Wind.
I used the house and the trees and the clouds to make a little cosy homey scene!
As you can see, I haven't got very far and I'm not the neatest stitcher (not if you compare my work with the flawless stitcheries displayed in Janelle's book).
It's a slow process but I quite enjoy doing it. It's actually quite relaxing but, hey, ANY crafting is relaxing. Well that's what I reckon anyway!
I will keep you updated with my progress!
Janelle has a blog that you can peruse here = http://thejanellewindcollection.typepad.com/
(for some reason some things aren't working properly on blogger posts so it has posted the whole address but at least you still get there!!)
Call in again soon!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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