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Mini Crocheted HeartsThis year, at pretty much the last minute, I had a sparkly idea to make a bunch of these cute little things for my mother and mother-in-law for their Mothers Day gifts this year. I had never made them before but had the pattern printed off from one of my favourite crochet blogs, Attic 24.
After the first one, I steadily completed the second one to make sure I had it right, and so by the third - I was pumping them out one after the other with no trouble. Very simple little things to make!
I had two piles. About 11 or 12 in each for the Mums!
I packaged them up really nice with a picture from the blog (mentioned above), where I got the pattern and the idea from in the first place, so they could see a potential way to display them . I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of how each mother decided to use them.
I should pump out a few more and make my own little tree branch decoration!
It looks totally great in front of a window or just as a table centrepiece!!
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