I Wish I Could Afford...

4:58 PM

I really like some of the stuff from Cath Kidston (London). The following pics show a couple of outfits that I would love but sooo cannot afford (the exchange rate for Aussie dollars into UK pounds is quite 'out of my range'!)^I love the cardi vest specifically in this one. And I just like the photo shot of all the fabrics - I would be in heaven in this scenario!!!^I think this outfit looks really spiffy!!! I would need to lose the muffin top around my hip/waist area to pull off the skirt (easier said than done - trust me I'm trying!) but I like it MUCH!
And today in the mail I got the new catalogue of Cath Kidston - the home issue. On a quick perusal, I have spotted a few things I can go ga-ga over!!
Everything is so different to what I would usually go for and probably would look so out of place in my abode but the eclectic look is kinda in these days isn't it?!!
I am endeavouring to get into some Christmas crafts very soon so hopefully I can show you a few things that I am up to with that soon!!
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