I Return with Cuteness...

4:02 PM

My goodness me!
The last few weeks have been totally MAD!
We have been on holiday (some photos to come later) and we returned over a week ago now.
Since then we have had different events on to attend and we have been trying to keep up with things to be done around the house - inside and out!
To top it off, our computer monitor decided to break down and we couldn't do without it for more than 2 weeks while it gets fixed so we went and bought a new one - a slightly bigger one at that! The other one can get fixed and we can use that as a spare!
BUT amongst all this hustle bustle the biggest event was...
I took her to playgroup and I took her out to lunch where she got to have chips and icecream.
After that she was quite pooped and fell asleep quite swiftly in the car on the way home!

We also had fun pretending to be rabbits!
Her Daddy made homemade pizzas for tea and we opened pressies!
So much fun for everyone!!
Will be back again soon with more bits and pieces, glitz and glammer!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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