Craft Time...

9:41 PM

The other day, I dared myself to create a potential mess by getting out some craft supplies and such for little Sprout to do abit of pasting! Firstly I laid down some newspaper over the floor, put an apron on my little girl, ripped up some paper and streamers, got out some pipecleaners and little pom-poms, and THEN...
^I brought the glue out!!!
^Everything was left behind. Good old Clag was the highlight for this young crafter!!

^But then...
I decided to let her have some glitter. Ha!
Well, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. The good thing about the newspaper was I could just sweep it all into the middle, wrap it up and throw it away. Instant clean!!
^And whilst little Sprout was 'Clag-ly' engrossed, I made a pipecleaner flower!
I was quite proud of it - it's hanging on the Love Line!
Been suffering with hayfever today. Hubby has it quite bad and is already in bed which is where I should go too.
Night Night.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. You were so brave - i have to let go more often and do that, i just hate the mess but to see what fun they have should be the incentive eh? :-)


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