Bloomin' Spring...

5:57 PM

I wasn't expecting it so soon,
but the rose plants we planted about a month back have already started flowering. I have found a scattered few on most of the plants. Here is a beautiful red one - can't remember it's name.
Here is a very pretty Iceberg rose.
I totally love roses - as I do paddocks of canola at full growth...

I have always wanted photos of myself in the middle of a mass of canola...

And this was the day...

My wish was granted!
Thanks to Hubby!
Don't ya just love spring?!! Although I am a fairly serious hayfever sufferer, I just cannot help but appreciate the beauty that spring brings!
Don't you agree?
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. What great pics! I love the canola ones - i think they are brilliant. Love flowers and you look so happy :-) Sorry about the hayfever though!


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