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2:33 PM

About a month back, I sent a little handmade present to one of my good friends back in Tassie for her birthday. In deciding what I would make her, I thought about her crafty endeavors and knew that she had done a few stitching projects before so I thought that a compact needle keeper would be a groovy little gift to give her. That way she could take it with her in her handbag for any quick mending jobs that may come her way or just keep it with her craft project stash .^Here is the one I made (orange with aqua dots) alongside the piccy in the book. The book that I got the pattern from is called 'Sew Darn Cute' by Jenny Ryan. It includes 30 Sweet and Simple Projects to Sew & Embellish. It is such a delicious book. You can buy it HERE.
^Here it is closed up with a cute pearl snap.
^Open to the first felt 'page' where I included some pins and a flat reel of thread.
^The other felt 'page' with a couple of needles and another flat reem of thread. I stuck to neutral colours because that's the 'safe' option and they are used alot more commonly in everyday things usually. My friend can get any other colours to store in here for which ever project she is doing at the time.
^A view from the top all closed up again - ready to send.
And she liked it.
That's always a good feeling!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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